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27 September 2010

Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club, Washington, streamed live on CNN (10 am Pacific Time, Monday 27 Sept):

Most of the conference is here (1 hr 11 mins) -

Enjoy! This is very credible, heavy-hitting mainstream content. This MIGHT just be something historic.

Click here for Robert Hastings' site, which gives full background and context.

4 September 2010

CREDO MUTWA : "Before my eyes close in death..."

Dear Friends:

This wonderful and inspiring short speech by the great Zulu shaman, author, historian and philosopher Credo Mutwa is the most heartfelt and passionate appeal for Africa you will ever hear. It was recorded while David Icke and I were visiting him at his South African home last month to record his life's story. (Please read previous posts below for more...)

Here's the story of how this remarkable clip was captured. I had just that minute switched on the microphone, and had asked Credo to say a word or two as a routine audio test. I thought he might say "1-2-3", or "Hello, hello".

What he said instead was worthy of an appeal to the United Nations by one of the great statesmen of the world. It was quite unplanned, and I was more than fortunate to be able to record it all.

This moving speech is MUST WATCH essential viewing for anyone who knows Credo Mutwa's life and work, and for anyone who cares about the fate of Africa.

23 August 2010

Do read below (22 August) if you've not done so already... David Icke and I discovered shocking news when we came to visit Credo Mutwa last week. But indeed, he is unbowed: I recorded and edited this beautiful little cameo just yesterday afternoon. It presents Credo at his finest, and features David giving an extremely inspiring speech, quite unprepared, relevant to every one of us. 8 minutes long - do watch this. Enjoy the singing! :)

22 August 2010

After spending the last two weeks very productively in the US, I am now in South Africa with David Icke, visiting Credo Mutwa, the great Zulu shaman, healer, and keeper of African tradition. Our mission here is - as best we can - to chronicle and archive his life's work. But when we arrived, Credo told us a horror story.

The short version of what happened is this. A few months ago Credo was being pestered daily over the phone by someone who claimed he was from a group of young Zulus about his "betrayal of the Zulu nation" by talking so much to white people.

Exasperated, he put the famous and priceless Necklace of the Mysteries on his shoulders and took a train to Swaziland to confront the people who were giving him such a hard time.

When he arrived, he was set upon and tortured. They started trying to pull his fingernails out with pliers. The Necklace was taken from him, and he was put on a train back home. In the background, throughout all this, was a white man whom Credo did not recognize.

If you know ANYTHING about the theft of this priceless, ancient artifact, of inestimable value to the Zulu Nation, to the history of Africa, and to the human race - but very likely now in the hands of white men who are only interested in money - please contact David Icke in full confidence. Thank you.

Credo is not beaten. Though blaming himself for being so cavalier, he is as articulate and spellbinding in his delivery as always. This is David's fourth visit to see him, their first meeting being in 1997. It is my first.

I've been privileged to meet many extremely remarkable people in the last few years, but I have to say that Credo in the upper reaches of that long list. Today we recorded three hours of his life story (and what a story that is). I was honored to be in the room while he was talking to David: I was more than blown away. David himself was at one point reduced to tears.

I was aware of his work and his story, of course, but I had not been really been prepared for the impact of meeting him personally. I'm not here as an interviewer on this trip: I'm here as cameraman with the challenging job of making all the audio and video work in highly non-optimum conditions. But I would have paid a great deal of money to be where I was today.

We're here for another week, and will be recording material from Credo for several hours every day. He is now 89, and while he is mentally and intellectually razor sharp (I would place him as a gifted and fluent speaker the equal of anyone I have ever met), he is not well and is suffering a great deal: both he and David feel sure it will be their last meeting. It has been quite an emotional and eventful trip so far.

I'll report more later, although internet access is very limited. The resulting videos will not be Avalon material, but will be sold as a DVD set to support Credo's family and work. We've not yet figured exactly how we will proceed... all that will come later.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank an extremely generous sponsor - and if you are reading this, you know exactly who you are - who has made this special trip possible for David and myself. When David phoned Credo a few months ago to tell him we were coming to record his life's work and teachings, Credo wept. What we are doing together is that important to him, and despite his recent ordeal is he rising to the occasion every day. He is in my opinion somewhere right up there with the greatest of great souls, a wonderful human being, an extraordinary inspiration, a spokesman for Africa and for all of mankind.

True to that depiction, he would laugh at what I have just written...

4 August 2010

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax,
Of cabbages, and kings,
And why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings..."

A week ago I flew into Los Angeles to start work on an interesting and challenging joint project with Kerry Cassidy. It was nice to see her, and we spent quite a few hours talking about even more things than were debated by the Walrus and the Carpenter. Tonight, we'll be joining David Wilcock for dinner: the first time we'll have all met together since last September.

We'll say a little more about this later, but for the moment, while our websites and YouTube channels remain separate to best showcase our differing styles and interests (and the differing preferences of those who follow our work all over the world), we're looking at some creative ways to collaborate in various new ventures in which the whole is likely to be greater than the sum of its parts.

We think you may be interested, and we hope you will approve. A similar announcement is being made by Kerry on Project Camelot Productions today.

Those of you who are still following events in the Gulf of Mexico might read this carefully:

... a detailed technical account of the so-far-holding 'Static Kill'. I'm very confident that it'll all work fine. A more serious problem is the toxicity (click here for important EPA whistleblower testimony) which has not necessarily gone away by any means.

There's a very silly YouTube video going round which shows an optical illusion: it appears to reveal a massive movement of the sea floor, and thousands of excitable observers have been convinced this is the beginning of the end.

It's not: the camera's fixed immovably to the ROV, and it's the ROV that's moving. Don't be fooled, because the illusion seems convincing for a moment. It reminds me a little of those late 1960s Star Trek scenes when the crew would lurch from one side to another as the Klingons attacked. Watch and enjoy.

A more sober and real problem is the temporarily stalled Gulf of Mexico Loop Current, which feeds the Gulf Stream and has a major influence on the climate of the Eastern US and Western Europe. This is a real concern, but there have been a number of times in recent years when the "Loop" has done what it's doing at the moment. I firmly believe it will re-start, but it's worth keeping your eye on. If it DID permanently stall, the blogs proclaiming calamity (of various kinds) might not be too far wrong.

This is another reminder, if any is needed, of how delicate a balance Planet Earth (and the human race) is in. There are many natural processes which are both complex and delicate and if we mess with them too much, all kinds of effects may be unleashed which cannot again be put back into Pandora's Box.

26 July 2010

Last year's Project Camelot interview with Polish researcher Igor Witkowski, about the Nazi Bell, is now published at last.

This interview was recorded in October 2009, but I've only just completed the editing due to technical problems: several tapes were corrupted and one was lost, and after quite a lot of time and effort what you see is the very best that I've been able to do with the material.

After a vivid start, the interview is one in which Polish military historian Igor Witkowski drills down, in considerable detail, into the fascinating history of the Nazi Bell - basically an advanced, highly classified physics experiment regarded by the Nazis as being of the highest importance for reasons which are still shrouded in mystery.

The depth of historical information in this interview may be valuable for researchers. Meanwhile, the physics of the 'Bell' remains unclear... but the Nazis may well have been investigating the very fabric of spacetime itself, based on an early understanding of what is now known as torsion physics.

This is a companion interview to Project Camelot's interview with researcher Joseph Farrell. Enjoy...

24 July 2010

In my 19 July post below, I referenced Ed Kashi's powerful short film CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD: how Shell Oil have, for the last 40 years, mercilessly trashed the beautiful natural environment of the Niger Delta in Nigeria to create a natural and social catastrophe that dwarfs what we have recently witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why has this been allowed to happen? Why no clean-up? Why no corporate responsibility? Because no-one is looking. Today I interviewed photojournalist Ed Kashi to hear first hand about the Niger Delta atrocity - there is no other word for it - and we spoke for 30 minutes about how it is imperative that we change the way we regard and care for Planet Earth. It's a perfect companion interview to that with Paul Hellyer below.


I'm most grateful to Ed Kashi and Talking Eyes Media for their kind permission to include this wonderful and important short film at the end of my video presentation here. It starts at 16:27 and lasts for 8 minutes. You really should watch this.

21 July 2010

Last night's audio interview with Paul Hellyer [see below] is now available here (57 mins, 39 Mb).

This is a very pleasant, cordial and intelligent conversation with an ex-government minister of remarkable courage and integrity, speaking up with what he knows about the fact of the ET presence - and its potential significance for us all.

Among much else, Paul Hellyer was personally informed by a US Air Force General that "Everything in Col. Philip Corso's book THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL is true - and more".

The 'more' included confirmation that US representatives had had face to face contact with extraterrestrials. He had also heard that most of the visitors were benevolent, but that one race was hostile. It was a most interesting dialog which we both enjoyed.

Paul's most recent book is Light at the End of the Tunnel : A Survival Plan for the Human Species. It is wide-ranging, is eminently readable, and reminds us that we have maybe a ten year window from now in which to get things right on Planet Earth. Our ET friends are rooting for us, Paul understands, but are not permitted to intervene overtly. It is our responsibility to clean up the mess we have created for ourselves down here - something which all followers of my work will know is a principle dear to my heart.

20 July 2010

I'm doing an audio interview today with Paul Hellyer, the Defense Minister of Canada in 1963-67. In 2005, he came out to made a public statement that he knew that UFOs and ETs were a reality. I'm looking forward to talking with him.

More following on from yesterday's post about some of the publicity that the media have been giving to Matt Simmons. Because of his status and experience, his claims are frightening quite a lot of people.

Simmons claims that the new containment cap is only over the riser (not the blowout preventer, which he says is "miles away"). He says the wreck of the Deepwater Horizon is also miles away, and that there is a huge hole in the seabed - the real well, minus its casing - which is still spewing 120,000 barrels per day into the Gulf. None of these claims are correct.

Click on the thumbnail on the left for a large image of the blowout preventer. You can see what the ROVs are working on and what’s been visible every day in the live video feed. It’s the same metal structure as on the top of the BOP in the image on the right.

It weighs 450 tons: look at the wheels on the trailer it’s sitting on. There’s no way that it could be moved 100 feet, let alone several miles - especially underwater.

The wreck of the Deepwater Horizon is in a known location 1300 feet from the BOP. Some of the ROV images showing 'seepage' have been of leaking diesel tanks on the sunken rig.

The report from the Thomas Jefferson research vessel is here.

Since the temporary capping of the well last week, there's been a decrease of the oil in the Gulf. It's getting better, folks:

Even though it has been only days since the oil was turned off, the naked eye could spot improvements on the water. The crude appeared to be dissipating quickly on the surface of the Gulf around the Deepwater Horizon site. Members of a Coast Guard crew that flew over the wellhead Saturday said far less oil was visible than a day earlier. Only a colorful sheen and a few long streams of rust-colored, weathered oil were apparent in an area covered weeks earlier by huge patches of black crude. [July 18, two days ago]

Simmons stated that there's no well casing on the hole at all, and therefore the relief wells won't work. Yet the relief wells are now within a few feet of the Macondo well specifically because they've been able to home in on the electromagnetic signature of the steel in the well.

It's hard to understand how Matt Simmons is so wrong. He knows the difference between a blowout preventer and a riser. The very experienced observers on The Oil Drum Forum think that he has either lost his mind (genuinely), or has a financial interest and is deliberately trying to mislead. Click here for one page with extensive discussion (and dismissal) of his claims.

I have nothing against Simmons - I've never talked with him - but it's so important to get information straight about all this that I'm presenting these clarifications above. Please do copy and paste elsewhere.

Lindsey Williams - although he is clearly a dear, sincere, man - was also wrong when he stated in his 1 July Jeff Rense interview that the reservoir pressure was 40,000 psi and that the granite encasing the reservoir was cracking. There is NO granite in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil wells don't drill into granite! Click here for a ton more on this. (There's no asphalt volcano, either, or any methane tsunami.)

Lindsey's new BP source contacted him. Lindsey has always produced good information before, but this time he got to be embarrassed. Go figure.

And I too was wrong about the reservoir pressure. The pressure, as many people following even the mainstream media will now know, is a known and measured 11,900 psi. This is healthily high, but well within normal oil industry limits.

From the Oil Drum Forum, here's a summary post by ROCKMAN - a very savvy and good-tempered oilman with 35 years of experience:

Not only was BP's well not some odd extreme geological misfit, it was pretty plain vanilla in the Deepwater world of the Gulf of Mexico. Except for the water depth it wasn't very noteworthy on any level. It didn't drill that much rock (13,000')... I've drilled over 30,000'. The pay sand [reservoir depth] wasn't that thick (60')... I've seen 800' thick pay sections. The pressure wasn't that high (11,900 psi)...I've measured over 19,000 psi. It only ran over schedule by about 40 days...I saw one well drilled 200 days over schedule. The geology wasn't the cause of the accident.

After my audio interview yesterday about the fact-checking responsibility of the alternative media, some of you may appreciate this. There's been much wild-eyed talk about a Stargate in the Gulf of Aden. I get e-mails about this all the time.

Here are two images: one from a 2010 New Age website, the other from an EARTH SNAPSHOT satellite photography page in 2008. Click to enlarge. Folks, it's a dust storm.

As I explain in my audio interview, the alternative media have a tough job: because no-one's giving press conferences on what's really going on.

The energy and intention and drive of the alternative media comes from people just KNOWING that something is badly wrong.

But they don't know exactly what that is. In their zeal, they sometimes pick on the wrong thing... they start running with the wrong ball.

Meanwhile, the controllers understand this mechanism perfectly.... and keep on giving the alternative media the wrong ball to run with. And run, they do. For me, this has been an important learning experience.

There are major unreported problems in the world (see my new video for the ongoing oil catastrophe in the Niger Delta, for instance, which up till now no-one has known or cared about). There is a secret space program. There is a colony on Mars. The world has for centuries been run by a superintelligent, self-serving, perverted extraterrestrial race who regard humans as only useful in certain situations and have only their own ends in mind. 9/11 was an inside job. Advanced technology - including real stargates - exists that would fit well in any science fiction movie. Serious attempts are made all the time to control our conscious and unconscious minds. And there's MUCH more, as any follow of Project Avalon or Camelot or will know.

But we have to get our facts right, or we become no better than the National Enquirer... and we will forever stay in our ghetto as our more conventional colleagues laugh at our absurdity. We have to sometimes run with speculation or what we believe is true - and then rescind and correct that if we find we've made a mistake. We have to be honest, and credibility and rationality are how we in the alternative media should be judged by the external world.

19 July 2010

Here's an new audio interview, and a new video presentation... both of myself discussing the Gulf oil crisis, the role of the alternative media, and the extensive and important learning to be had by all.

Both are wide ranging: the audio in particular. Recommended.

Audio interview with Bill Ryan by Tania from the Project Avalon Forum (88 mins)
Video presentation by Bill Ryan about the Gulf oil crisis and the situation in the Niger Delta (24 mins)

The video presentation is worth watching for Ed Kashi's powerful and graphic 8-minute film CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD, which I've appended on the end. I'm most grateful to Ed Kashi and Talking Eyes Media for their kind permission to include this wonderful and important short film.

See this, if nothing else. This is what's being done to the human race when no-one in the first world is watching. The film Avatar comes to mind. It's all right here on Planet Earth. You don't have to go to Pandora.

As discussed particularly in the audio interview, one of the astonishing things about the recent Gulf Oil crisis is how much the alternative media got quite wrong. I count myself in that, and hold up my own hand: some of the information I reported below, in good faith, was inaccurate.

Frequently-referenced sources who have made mistakes (for whatever reason) include oil industry analyst Matt Simmons, and Lindsey Williams. Simmons' claims are wildly incorrect, and Williams was grossly misinformed by his [new] BP source about some technical details of the Macondo Well. It's been an extremely interesting journey.

Three good sources for reliable information about the Gulf oil situation. The Oil Drum is particularly excellent for reliable information and high-quality informed discussion between professionals who are no friends of BP or Obama. (Hunt out the posts of a member called ROCKMAN. You'll find out more than you knew there was there to learn.)

The Oil Drum Forum and Oil Drum summary of all major briefings and developments
Alexander Higgins' Blog
George Washington's Blog

8 July 2010

Today is the 63rd anniversary of the famous 1947 announcement in the Roswell Daily Record that a 'Flying Saucer had been captured'. I gathered together some archived images and files I had (including movie footage which, if faked, is VERY well done) - and wrote up an interesting post on the Project Avalon Forum.

In the process of this, I realized that a photo I had, purporting to be of the actual Roswell craft - which I have never seen elsewhere apart from the one place I found it on the net in 2007 - EXACTLY matched the topography of the crash site.

It's been consistently reported that the craft was not a circular disk. It was stated by one witness that the B-29 “Up an’ Atom” flew a "teardrop shaped craft" out of the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in November 1947. And Col. Walter Haut, the public information officer at the RAAF, after he was shown it in a hangar, stated in a 2002 sealed affidavit before he died in 2005:

It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were visible.

That fits the object in the photo.

I now take the risk of stating here on record that I think this image is real. Compare the hillside behind the two photographs (click to enlarge), bearing in mind that the angle will be slightly different. It fits like a fingerprint. This might really be the Roswell craft.

27 June 2010

Our team has transcribed SHR's audio presentation and also Kindra Arnesen's speech. My hat off to them: I didn't even ask them to do this. Click here for the full transcripts.

Listen to Kindra and read the transcript at the same time... this really works.

Kindra Arnesen

25 June 2010

'SHR' speaking for two hours answering technical questions on The BP Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well Blowout and what we are facing in the Gulf.

The BP Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well Blowout and what we are facing in the Gulf

In my opinion this is the best audio orientation about the problem currently available. When he really gets going, pin your ears back and enjoy. He pulls no punches, is very well-informed, and knows exactly what he's talking about.

Kindra Arnesen at the Gulf Emergency Summit. You go, girl.

We need more straight talking, fearless, practically oriented activists like these guys. Listen to these two presentations - and then whatever you think you should be doing, start now.

21 June 2010

After continuing problems with the site and the forum - which many of you may have experienced in recent weeks and months - we've now changed our web hosting service.

Please allow a short time for any minor bugs to be ironed out, and do let me know of any missing files, pages or images. Many thanks. In the meantime, some PDF and MP3 files previously missing have been re-uploaded and should now all be there. If you failed to find those earlier, please try again.

I mentioned this on 13 June below, but the Project Avalon Forum thread Questions and Answers about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe is well worth visiting. In particular, I posted several major summaries on p.2, p.4, p.5, p.13 and p.15 that I would recommend as important supplements to the thoughts and summaries on this page.

17 June 2010

As an update to yesterday's report below (following my interview with Dr Bill Deagle), here is a hard-to-find, public domain Lawrence Livermore report entitled The Soviet Program for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Explosions - which details the kind of nuclear technology that would be applied as an emergency measure to seal the reservoir (if this is possible). In addition, Dr Bill Deagle referenced Project Plowshare in his interview, and this is described here.

* Update: Fascinating, detailed archive footage of a successful Russian nuclear solution to an uncontrolled gas well fire can be seen here.

I'm not advocating a nuclear solution, and I'm not qualified to do so. But I would like the public debate on this to be as intelligent and well-informed as possible. I've not seen these documents referenced elsewhere.

This is too interesting not to post. This is Gustav Meyrink, who in 1903 wrote a Petroleum Petroleum: a Prophecy. In this short story, a gigantic oil spill pollutes the Gulf of Mexico: a terrorist act against humanity. After several months all oceans are covered with an oil film... and there is no more rain. The original German language copy is available here, and a good English translation is here.

Gustav Meyrink, most famous for his novel The Golem, was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and had all kinds of occult connections. In his collection of short stories published in 1913, Meyrink commented:

To ensure that certain prophecies I have made come to the notice of the public, I submit the following tale which was written in 1903...

Note that this story is an allegory, and the 'prophecy' is a warning... not a prediction. It would be impossible for the whole oceanic surface of the Earth to be contaminated in this way. Meyrink is describing, very graphically, the kind of deep trouble we can get ourselves into if we collectively are not sufficiently responsible and aware.

16 June 2010

Many of you will already have heard Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM two days ago, vividly describing the risk of a collapse of part of the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, with a resultant catastrophic tsunami. Click here for a continuous 20 minute MP3.

I've just now completed a 40 minute audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle in which he identifies precisely the same risk, informed by his own separate sources. Bill Deagle WAS UNAWARE OF RICHARD HOAGLAND'S SUMMARY WHEN HE SPOKE TO ME. Please click here for this important new interview. It may be of interest to many that 'Dr Bill' seriously recommends the nuclear solution described in this recent Russian newspaper article.

13 June 2010

I've opened a new thread on the Project Avalon Forum called Questions and Answers about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe. It already contains some important questions (and answers) and at the moment I think it makes for high quality, informative and thought-provoking reading. I do recommend you take a look: you don't have to be a forum member to browse and read freely.

I opened by saying:

This thread is for questions (and maybe some answers) about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe.

I'm NOT an engineer, and I don't have any experience in the oil business. I do have a math and physics background and have been spending a lot of time researching this situation. I feel I know a little now about what we're up against.

Because of the updates and summaries I've been posting recently I feel some responsibility in making sure that members (and visitors) understand what's happening - and also don't accidentally misunderstand aspects of the situation.

I know that many Forum members do NOT have science or engineering backgrounds, and some are also fairly young. I'll be happy to answer questions - if I can - in ways that will be as easy as possible to understand. Being informed is better than being frightened because one does not understand the problem.

In my answers I spell out the overwhelming engineering disaster [the only word for it] as best as I can, and I discuss what might happen next... physically, socially and politically.

12 June 2010

I have just read a report on the nature of the problem in the Gulf of Mexico that is so clear, graphic, intelligent, comprehensive and human that I've converted it into a PDF for ease of access and sharing. This is MUST READ information. Please click here.

If you didn't understand the problem before, you will if you read this through to the end. It confirms the uncomfortable information below [8, 9 and 11 June updates: please read these if you have not done so already].

It describes the magnitude of the problem in engineering detail, and states how scared a lot of the engineers are who understand what has happened. In my opinion, everyone needs to educate themselves rapidly on what we have to find a way of dealing with.

The document is in two parts. The first part, written on 11 May, explains how important it was for the 'top kill' operation to succeed. The author confessed that he prayed that it would.

We now know that it failed. The author wrote the second part today. We're now in a situation never before faced by our civilization, and no-one knows for certain what to do.

11 June 2010

Lindsey Williams made a strong appearance on Alex Jones last night - confirming all the information reported in my 9 June report below. Click here for a 56 minute edited version of his interview. (The original is here: the interview with Lindsey starts at the beginning of hour three.)

Lindsey put numbers to the pressures in the reservoir, which his own sources feared were beyond the ability of any current human technology to control. The pressures at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, were a healthy 1,500 psi (pounds per square inch). The pressures breaking loose in the Gulf of Mexico are 20,000 to 70,000 psi.

I'll say that again: twenty thousand to seventy thousand pounds per square inch. Now I can understand why the mathematical modeling has failed [see 9 June below].

Besides confirming the almost unstoppable pressures in the reservoir, Lindsey stated the following:

---- The well casing is almost certainly fractured.
---- There are plumes of oil rising from the sea bed many miles from the blown out well.
---- The volume of leakage is in excess of 100,000 barrels (4 million gallons) a day.
---- There are volatile organic compounds (hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methylene chloride) being released in quantities many hundreds times the levels accepted as safe. In the case of benzene, which is a highly toxic carcinogen, safe levels are considered to be 0-4 ppb (parts per billion). The levels being released have been measured by the EPA at over 3,000 ppb.
---- A nuclear device is being considered to seal the well... but the consequences of failure could be truly catastrophic.
---- The blowout was a genuine accident.
---- Various insiders and insider groups had learned - through occult means - that they should sell their BP shares... although they did not know specifically that the blowout would occur.
---- Although the blowout was unplanned, the Controllers lost no time in determining to use the accident to further their own agendas.

It is my personal opinion that we have here the most serious problem on the planet short of nuclear war.

9 June 2010

More on the BP/oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since my post yesterday, I've been contacted by several informed insiders. A picture is emerging. What follows below is my own synthesis from a number of sources.

The core problem is the enormously high pressure within the reservoir. This is absolutely NOT a 'normal' reservoir. Some engineers believe that the reservoir should never have been breached.

Oil executives know it as Thunder Horse. Some engineers are calling it "Crazy Horse". Significantly, mathematical modeling of the behavior of the reservoir has failed. It is NOT KNOWN what will happen under various possible circumstances.

This is an engineers' nightmare. Without mathematical modeling, which gives predictive confidence (a principle of all science).... the engineers are guessing.

To put this into plain terms: no-one knows what will happen.

A highly credible source, well-informed by engineers in the oil industry, explained:

The problem is this. The pressures are so extremely high that even if they plug one hole, other holes may form under stress. The well casing must be choked along its length to close it.

This worst case scenario was independently described by Senator Bill Nelson (Democrat, Florida) in this 7 June interview with MSNBC:

We’re looking into something new right now: that there’s reports of oil seeping up from the seabed - which would indicate, if that’s true, that the well casing itself is actually pierced underneath the seabed. If so, the problems we're facing could be just enormous.

The above is reliable information. In the light of this, one need not be a geophysicist to realize that this might be a catastrophe of vast proportions which cannot be fully contained. In this latest profit-driven folly - reminding me poignantly of the corporate greed depicted in AVATAR - human beings may at last have bitten off more than they can chew. If this breached high-pressure reservoir is successfully plugged, it may be that we have simply gotten lucky.

8 June 2010

Something is badly wrong in the Gulf of Mexico.

Click here for a MUST HEAR interview by Mel Fabregas (The Veritas Show) with documentary film maker James Fox, speaking for 18 minutes from Grand Isle, Louisana. Fox described, at first hand, a total media blackout and a LOT more to the BP oil spill story than is being reported. James' intuition is that the situation may be far larger and more problematic than we know.

I've been watching this situation quietly for some time. I want Project Avalon to be about quality rather than quantity. If I report it here, it matters and it checks out. I salute Mel and James for their whistleblowing stance, true to the original mission of Project Camelot.

28 May 2010

BROTHERS IN ARMS : David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation about the agenda to control Planet Earth, meeting again for the first time in 15 years. Wonderful stuff.

Click here for download links to MP3 audio and MP4 video of all the recent Icke and Maxwell videos.

27 May 2010

Project Avalon has just received its one millionth visitor, ten weeks after startup. The new Avalon [AlphaZebra] YouTube channel, just 12 days old, already has over 2000 subscribers. The Round Table has 300 pledged names. The New Avalon Forum has over 700 members, 2,000 threads, and 21,000 posts (please click here to request an invitation).

I took a moment today to read some of the YouTube Channel Comments - which [remarkably!] were almost unanimously appreciative. Some of you have been exceptionally and extraordinarily supportive in a wide variety of ways... you know who you are, and I thank you again here.

My commitment is to provide valuable information, focusing on quality rather than quantity, which is thought-provoking, intelligent, and inspiring. My videos usually feature a light touch somewhere in there: I enjoy my work if I possibly can - essential, in my opinion, considering that the material Project Avalon examines is (in a sense) deadly serious. My humor never implies we're doing anything trivial.

Work in progress - for those still waiting patiently: Jordan Maxwell at the Vatican, and Igor Witkowski on the Nazi Bell. The very high quality conversation between David Icke and Jordan Maxwell will be published imminently. I should be able to upload the video to YouTube within 24 hours.

26 May 2010 - update

I've received a number of requests for MP3 downloads of David's and Jordan's new interviews. Here they are: David Icke and Jordan Maxwell.

Don't miss the download of the audio conversation between David and Jordan, exchanging accounts over the dinner table of the Reptilian Presence. Amazing stuff. I fully believe these reports are real... and that we absolutely must pay attention. David Icke is NOT inventing this material. This is why Jordan's corroboration is so important.

26 May 2010

Two major new interviews are just published. David Icke and Jordan Maxwell:


David's interview was a few days after his major Brixton Academy presentation, and the publication of his new book: HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES. He considers it his best interview yet.

The video of Jordan is not so much an interview, but my pointing the camera at him while he told two hours of quite astonishing personal stories.

Several of these stories are REALLY astonishing - by any standards. They feature ETs, UFOs, and what could loosely be termed the paranormal (very paranormal!).

I don't know anyone, anywhere, who's had as many high-strangeness experiences as Jordan has had. He's had others, too, which we didn't have time to record.

I've heard all these accounts before, off-record, and I was more than delighted when Jordan, fresh back from the Vatican, sat down and agreed to go on camera with this material. Enjoy and be amazed.

While the two were together - for several days - we recorded a wonderful video conversation (see 16 May below - still being edited). As a bonus, I recorded 20 minutes of audio over the dinner table of David and Jordan exchanging reptilian stories. Great fun (or highly alarming, depending on your viewpoint). Click here to listen. Don't miss this :)

More is coming that will be worth waiting for. I'm still working on the long (and quite inspiring) conversation between David and Jordan, Jordan's trip to the Vatican, and the long-awaited Igor Witkowski interview about the Nazi Bell. Please be patient... I'm single-handed here, but have enough ongoing major projects here for a team of several people. I am focusing on quality, not quantity.

The trip to South Africa is now rescheduled to August - it was impossible to make it work at this time for a number of reasons. My thanks for Mel Ve's patience end endless commitment and energy for working hard to set this up.

Do visit my own section on the Project Avalon forum, where there is high-quality discussion on new releases and other items. The forum can be read by anyone, but to register and join in the discussion, click here.

16 May 2010 - update

The in-depth interview with David Icke is rescheduled to tomorrow. Instead, I recorded an hour and a half of informal but very inspiring conversation between David and Jordan Maxwell.

16 May 2010

On top of the Vatican material reported below, I now have a quite wonderful two hours of video of Jordan Maxwell recounting personal experiences with UFOs, ETs and what could loosely be called the paranormal - that I don't believe he's ever before told publicly. Quite a few of these stories are extraordinary by any standards.... believe me. I'm more than delighted that Jordan has at last made the decision to share these with the world.

This is Jordan on top form: dynamic, entertaining, and profound. He was so fluent and energized that the video needs barely any editing, and I hope to release this within 48 hours.

This afternoon Ill be recording a major video interview with David Icke on his new book: Human Race, Get Off Your Knees. This is right after his 2010 Brixton Academy presentation a couple of days ago to 2,500 people, which was a great success. David has significant new material, and some challenging and controversial ideas to report. We'll be drilling down into these in as much detail as possible.

15 May 2010

After nearly a month with no update here, an explanation is due... and I think the news may be worth waiting for. There are a number of items:

I've spent the last 30 days with Jordan Maxwell, who's on an extended European trip - and it's been a huge privilege to have spent so much intensive personal time with the great man.

For various reasons, we decided between us to keep his visit very low key... one of which is that we've just returned from the Vatican, where Jordan had never actually been. It was the highlight of his trip, and everything was recorded on video. Enjoy this provocative trailer here (which is sure to get him into big trouble :)

The Project Avalon YouTube account is now active:

Please subscribe, spread the word and add comments as you wish. I no longer have access to the Project Camelot channel, so this is where my own videos will be hosted from now on.

I'm traveling to South Africa in a week or two for an extensive trip to visit a number of people. Many of you know that I have Africa in my blood (or it certainly feels like it). One thing I'm looking forward to is a guided tour of Adam's Calendar (the ancient stone ruins widely publicized by Michael Tellinger) by Johan Heine, the helicopter bush pilot who discovered them in 2003 when searching for a lost plane. I'll be interviewing Johan, and a number of others. It'll be a busy trip.

For various technical reasons access to my being able to update this page has been very limited in the last few weeks. Some updates and comments have been posted on the Avalon forum here...

...on a special section devoted to updates from and dialog with myself on a number of topics. Do visit, and join in.

There is more, which I can't say too much about at the moment... I will update when I can.

19 April 2010 - update

Click here for the full 1 hr 40 minute interview with Dr Bill Deagle (see below).

19 April 2010

Click here for a funny, profound and important six-minute teaser summary of a new, major, hour and a half audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle. You need to hear this: both the teaser and the interview, which should be posted in a few hours' time.

The hour and a half which precedes it is about the causal connection between Planet X (not a planet, but a brown dwarf star, currently somewhere round the orbit of Jupiter) and the clear trend of increased volcanic and earthquake activity that's becoming increasingly hard for anyone to ignore.

15 April 2010

The donations button is now definitely working. My apologies to everyone who's wanted to make a contribution to Project Avalon. I do very much appreciate your generosity, and patience.


11 April 2010

Just published here: a new video interview with Jim Humble. Fascinating, inspiring, fun, and highly recommended.

3 April 2010

I'm still working on the appearance, feel and planned content of the new website, and have a lot of work piling up to post. Please be patient! There's quite a lot coming soon.

Of immediate concern is this personal message about Credo Mutwa, the South African Zulu Shaman who's a close friend of David Icke, which I received from David yesterday. It reads:

Bill ... I just talked with Credo Mutwa and he and his family, including children they have taken in who have lost both parents to Aids, do not have enough money even to eat.
'We are starving, Mr David', he just told me. I talked with him yesterday, but today I realised even more just how they are struggling.
He is being attacked from many angles that are too complicated to detail here, but they want rid of him for sure.
He was given a monthly income for life by a trust in America, but it suddenly stopped in December and since then he has, at the age of 84, been trying a scrape a living for his family selling paintings to tourists. I knew none of this until the last 24 hours.
I am wiring him £1,000 first thing in the morning (quite a sum in SA) so they can start buying food, but I need to find a way that they can pay their bills ongoing.
Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Maybe a Credo appeal. I have to do something urgently, that's for sure.
best wishes,

Please help this exceptional man. His bank details are:

Name - C. M. Mutwa
International Account Number - 014652048
Bank - Standard Bank, Lyttleton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you all in advance for your generosity - every small amount will help him.

27 March 2010

Today you'll see some new additions to the site. The menu structure has changed a little, featuring drop-down menu options to make navigation easier. You'll also see a few new pages. This page you're reading now is the new home page, and the original Welcome to the New Project Avalon page is linked elsewhere.

The language flags at the top of each page each lead you to a drop-down menu with welcome pages in each language and a list of translated pages currently available - which will grow very quickly now. My thanks again to the team of 230 translators who are committed to bringing this information to all the peoples of the world. English video and audio transcripts will be listed from the UK flag on the top left.

25 March 2010

A new video interview with Klaus Dona - THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE. This is a 45 minute slideshow, with a personal commentary from Klaus. It's data-rich, detailed, intensive, absorbing, and may contain more startling information about the recent history of Planet Earth in one place than any other video you've ever seen. The topics cover Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism, ancient science, an ancient global language, and much more.

My next two projects are an article about a large electromagnetic cloud in space publicized by the respected magazine NATURE in December, which may be important for us all to understand - followed by a major audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle.

The PayPal button on this site is not working at present - my apologies to all. I will handle this as soon as possible.

19 March 2010

Over the next few days I'll be editing a new video with Klaus Dona - and also (at last) releasing the extremely intense and data-rich audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle from a short while ago. Next week, the whole interview with Igor Witkowski should follow.

The Avalon Translation team numbers 225 people from 27 (I think!) different language groups. This is a high-energy, light-hearted, friendly and enthusiastic international group that anyone is welcome to join. Click here to contact them. The team also supports Project Camelot translations, and is considering taking on other projects as the need arises.

The New Project Avalon Forum is now launched, with this announcement:

We are now welcoming the first new and returning members to this new forum and will be making an announcement at the old forum in the near future regarding the official opening. This forum will be invite only to ensure quality of content and the peacefulness of this community.

Within a few weeks the option to request an invitation will be made available on our main page. That will make it possible for anyone who did not make it in during the invitation process to ask for a invite. It is our belief this new forum will enhance both the efficiency and overall user experience once operational.

I intend to contribute regularly to the new forum as time permits, and will look forward to answering questions and discussing current issues of all kinds.

This new Avalon site will continue to expand with more pages and sections added, and further updates and announcements here will follow soon in response to the many questions asked on a number of topics. I'm still intending to establish a new YouTube account, at which point I can remove the embedded videos (which are problematic on several counts: this was always an interim solution). My best wishes and warmest thanks to all who have been sending messages of friendship and support.

16 March 2010

A new video interview with Marcel Messing.

A terrible storm has descended upon the human world, and this is carrying us towards destruction. [Bodhisattva Panden Dorje, the "Buddha Boy" of Nepal, still just 19 years old.]

9 March 2010

A video update with Jane Bürgermeister is now posted.

Audio and video downloads (MP3 and MP4) are now available from all the interview pages.

7 March 2010

The Anglo-Saxon Mission has now been re-released after some minor edits. This important video presents detailed whistleblower testimony about Illuminati plans for the Third World War. [Please click here for the original Project Camelot page.]

6 March 2010

My sincere thanks to all those, many of them old Camelot friends, who have written with good wishes, pledges to the Avalon Round Table, and donations.

Visit the new Interviews page for an interesting 7 minute preview of our video of Igor Witkowski and the Nazi Bell.

Please stay tuned for some important updates in the next 24-48 hours.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

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