We must do what we can. Always. At night we must go to sleep knowing that we have done our best, and there is no more you can do than that.
      Do not let the problems overwhelm you. Start somewhere, anywhere, with just the smallest gesture of compassion, and you have made a dent against the evil of the world.

      — Gottfried Muller, in Thom Hartmann's THE PROPHET'S WAY

Our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended and contributed so wonderfully to the Madre Tierra Self-Sufficiency Workshop on Sunday 18 December.

A link of all the files referenced (videos, PDFs and more) is below. There's an enormous amount of very good information: highly recommended. (size 670 Mb).

If this file is too large to download, here are some other links: (13 Mb)

The Project Camelot YouTube video interview with Matthew Stein can be streamed here:

[Please click here for a full list of what you'll find in the zip file.]

Featured in the zip file, also individually downloadable, are these important references:

  • Matthew Stein's encyclopedic manual WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS as a complete 400-page PDF.
  • Full video (MP4) of Matthew Stein's Project Camelot interview presentation.
  • A must-read article by engineer Jerry Emanuelson on how to safeguard against a potential EMP (electromagnetic pulse), either from a nuclear weapon or from extreme solar activity.
  • A must-read e-mail exchange between Bill Ryan from Project Camelot and the wife of a senior UK electrical engineer, in which she reports that her husband had just received notice of impending catastrophic failure of global electrical systems in 2012-13.
  • A must-read article by economist Al Martin: PROTOCOLS FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN AMERICA.
  • A must-read final chapter of the book AFTERSHOCK by economist Robert Weidemar, predicting catastrophic economic collapse in 2012. This unpublished chapter was so hard-hitting that the publishers actually omitted it from several editions of the book.

This page will be updated much more comprehensively in the next few days, and we're looking at a proposed date for a follow-up event. We'll also be providing a wide-ranging index of material resources on this separate page.

With our warmest wishes — Bill and Christine

Bill Ryan
Christine Anderson
— and The Madre Tierra Team