Michael St.Clair

Human contact with the unknown and the unknowable cannot be avoided. We are born out of the void (the unknown), and we re-enter the void when we get a new life. For the spirit/soul there is no death. The material world was created to endure transformative cycles, to spring forth, decay and renew itself.

Native peoples, before the take over of the natural world by aliens, interacted with and were in direct contact with the invisible worlds that surround all planetary life. To piece together the truth, people need to recall their unique ancestral heritage, transform and heal the wounds, while they gaze directly into the eye of light: The pineal gland where all wisdom is stored. The answers lie within.

Now, in 2008-2009, we are sensing that reality is not as it should be.

Until 2024-25 we will live through "The Winter of The 21st Century, which will mirror chaotic societal changes to which we have to adapt from within with clarity and purpose.

Imagine that during the years until 2020 we will have to undo all that we have done collectively over the past 13,000 years. Imagine also an absolute power beyond so-called Divine redemption, a force larger than life and death itself, is to be part of our approaching collective experience.

Imagine there is something more important than to be alive or to survive here on this planet:

That is the planet Earth itself.

By 2011 there will be many moments of highest intensity on this planet. The world economy will have collapsed, and. There is only a short time to be mentally transformed, spiritually coherent and physically ready for this unprecedented hyperdimensional shift in our realities.

The years 2012 to 2016 promise to get even more furious, however.

A new mind is being birthed now, even if only palpable in small sub-culture pockets of radiant zones among the many energy depletion zones. By 2013 these new minds will emerge to intelligently cooperate to become a successful interplanetary society.

Humanity will again come up out of the darkness, destructiveness and death, and will redeem the best of what the years up to 2022 have manifested, but only after we go through this period of the Winter of the 21st century. This challenging period begins by the end of 2008 and will last well into 2017. It will be remembered as the decade of the greater irrationality.

There is hope for the time thereafter, when a few visionaries prepare for a new and more advanced form of mankind that has integrated by then a new mind and a new genetic form, to remember who we really are:

Emissaries of an ancient High Culture, or advanced races of time travellers.

Stay on your spiritual path and its practices, whatever that is, while being able to open your mind to the allies of humanity, and with time you can sense the vaster compassion that allows all sentient high beings of Cosmos to redeem the promise of their own Cosmic nature, which is who we really are.

We all are cosmic and we are all in this together, made in the image of creation, here to create. And who created the Creator? During the decades ahead we will return into the void, where we came from, to find the answer. It will entail for those of us who wish to overcome the mind-controllers and who want to get a new life to align with an ancient doctrine:

Freedom of Exploration

Michael St.Clair
July 2008




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