There are a large number of articles - many published by Jeff Rense and on the excellent Global Research site - to help readers become well-informed about vitally important current events, trends and situations. Please also check the What's New section of Project Camelot for updates from inside sources.

Here we present a small handful of articles which we regard as especially important. Other articles, which may not have come to our attention, may be equally valuable.


18 August

The Disconnect Between Supply and Demand in Gold & Silver Markets
(why the metals market does not reflect real metals shortages in the real world)

13 August

Four reasons to buy gold now
(an optimistic title... and a good analysis of the recent engineered plunge in the prices of metals)

16 July

Managing the Meltdown - a financial update with George Green
(phone interview by the Conscious Media Network, providing a wealth of detailed information)

28 June

The Dow Crash, the US $, Gold and War
(strongly recommended by an insider source for us to read and understand. We were told that the sequence would be:
1) The provocation by non-compliance in Iran
2) The upcoming attack on Iran
3) Intense repercussions on the USA
4) The IMF 'overtly' intervening in US financial matters via the Federal Reserve
5) The coming collapse of the dollar
6) A Wall Street breakdown to unbelievable lows.
Click here for more details from our source.)

16 June

GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin Summer 2008 Alert – July-December 2008
("the world plunges into the heart of the global systemic crisis")

23 February

Protocols For Economic Collapse In America
(reading like a movie script, this Al Martin article originally published in 2004 lays out exactly how an infrastructure collapse could occur)


11-15 August

Comprehensive articles here, here and here on the Russia-Georgia situation and its aftermath
(The most useful from a large number on Jeff Rense and Global Research)

7 July, 11 August and 12 August

Three insider reports, here, here and here
(received by Project Camelot as credible information on future events)

18 July

Pandemic flu preparedness and the China connection
(how there may be a flu outbreak soon after the Beijing Olympics)

16 July

A warning received by a 16 year-old contactee in 1969
(stark details of a possible future timeline)

6 July

War on Iran: The Perfect Storm From Hell
(the likely consequences of military action)

24 June

At the Brink of Nuclear War
(a very high strangeness event that unfolded in real time on Steve Quayle's radio show)

23 June

The Coming Catastrophe?
(written by David DeBatto, a former US Army Counterintelligence Special Agent)


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