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Default The 10 Natural Principles

These 10 principles are for all human beings and form the basis of a human religion which has no beginning, was not stated by any particular man, and it will never end, whatever happens. As long as human beings exist, it will prevail.
There is a Sanskrit verse which says that; “If one learns to understand that one is part of this universe and one has equal status with everyone else, then give to others what you would like to be given to you.
What pleases you should be made available for the pleasures of others; or, do as you would be done by!" This sums up the concept of Sanatan Dharma, a concept for humanity.
1: Patience.
For example, to be able to wait for any expected outcome without experiencing anxiety, tension or frustration. Letting go of the need for instant gratification.

2: <u><b> Forgiveness</b></u>
Forgiveness is essential to recovery. “When a deep injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive. Forgiveness works directly on the emotion of anger (and related constructs such as resentment, hostility or hatred) by diminishing its intensity or level within the mind and heart.”

3: <u><b>Control of the sensory appetite</u></b>
The senses are very fast and if the mind is turbulent, receiving impressions from many different and varied sources, sensual hunger and thirst will be inflamed. Every individual needs to have some control over the sensory appetite and its impression.

4: <u><b>Only take what you deserve</u></b>
Consider everyone else equally deserving. Do not take anything extra; all that is accumulated extra is theft. This is stealing from the universe and depriving others.

5: <u><b>Cleanliness of body & mind</u></b>
In addition to keeping the body clean, one has to learn to clean one’s mind and one’s heart and for these one has to find a system through a teacher.

6: <u><b>Regulate the use of the senses</u></b>
There is a natural course of use of the senses and the rules of regulation are prescribed in every tradition. Learn how to use one’s senses within limits in a regulated, measured way.

7: <u><b>The use of intellect or reason</u></b>
One is expected to use one’s intellect or reason to find the cause of things and use them as necessity may arise.

8: <u><b>The acquisition of true knowledge</u></b>
Through discrimination and wisdom, acquire true knowledge. It may be thought that this may be known through the intellectual study of various doctrines. In truth this type of study shall only serve to further excite the mind, leading to further increase in mental activity. The truth may only be known by quieting the mental activity and settling the Self back into its own source.

9: <u><b>The truth</u></b>
Speak the truth. There is only one truth about anything; there cannot be two different truths about the same subject. Everyone in the world is hankering for the truth, but they want their particular brand of the truth. They are not eager or ready to accept that there can be something different. The need for truth is everywhere but somehow people like to serve their own ends through their own concept of the truth.

10: <u><b>Never get agitated or angry</u></b>
Under no circumstances should one act under the cover of agitation or anger as one cannot take the right action and this is to be avoided.
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