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Thumbs up Manifesting powers made real:

I will be using this thread to post my personal inner visions for creating/manifesting a 100% positive future here on this planet- knowing we can directly affect this unfolding future using conscious thought ALONE (powerfully combined with strong inner desire and deep inner trust) > for truly it is so: TO THINK IT, IS TO CREATE IT ! So here goes ...

"Its really happening! Its happening right now! I'm so grateful and happy for this fantastic turnabout in human affairs! To see the incredible wave of human liberation sweeping now so powerfully across the whole planet RIGHT NOW! Its simply breathtaking to behold. So many people standing for the first time in their own patch of greatness and realizing it! So many people rediscovering the magnitude of their unique, personal power! What a hope and joy to see. What an incredibly validation of human liberty! People, people everywhere learning to live together in a world without fear. Everywhere in every country people spontaneously laying down their guns, arms and ammunition and saying ENOUGH! Enough of this heartache, enough of this pain - its time for the human liberation game!

See how spontaneously human hearts are now opening up, see how powerfully millions of humans arms are reaching out, to take each others hands without fear, without doubt. To look into anothers eyes without shame, without pride, and to stand in amazement at the common LIGHT in ALL eyes! To witness in ALL the same spark of hope, of joy, of humanity .. of LIFE .. the same spark of life in all, now answering to a higher call!

Incredible to see and amazing to feel - this light shining forth, here to help and to heal. Who could have imagined that this ever could be - the hour of HUMAN freedom and TOTALLY RECLAIMED LIBERTY!

..to be continued ..
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Default Re: Manifesting powers made real:

You are SO playing my song.

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Old 09-11-2008, 09:57 PM   #3
Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Re: Manifesting powers made real:

A message of positive affirmation:


Peace, freedom, love and light,

Citizen Zeitgeist
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Old 09-12-2008, 03:43 PM   #4
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Default Re: Manifesting powers made real:


everready and everyone,

There is a 1998 tv movie called MERLIN that had Sam Neill playing
the part of Merlin and I suggest everyone watch this movie
especially because of the ENDING fits so much with what you said.

Another good movie to consider is THE NEVER-ENDING STORY
the first one not the sequels. Again it's ENDING is very interesting.

These two movies and their endings when used together I think
are very powerful and ultimately what most here including both
Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy are optimistically seeking.

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Old 09-13-2008, 08:54 PM   #5
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Default Re: Manifesting powers made real:

You wrote it beautifully. I hold the image now and hope others will as well, so the positivity can grow exponentially.

What a beautiful image to meditate upon, people all over this planet finding Truth, of who they are as well as the truth about those who sell us deception. People just aren't buying it anymore!

We wage this earthly battle now with our spirits, not our swords.
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future, hope, joy, possibility, visoin

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