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Default north shore self-sufficient model community

I am seeking those who would like to start up a self sufficient model community on the north shore of Oahu
please take a minute to read my proposal if you would like more info hit me up also check out project camelot interviews with Michael St. Claire & George Green

"To heal our Islands by awakening Her people first"

We are a local self-sufficient living community portal and multi-media center devoted to the promotion of world peace and the healing of our global environment.

It is our goal to bring the people of our world together in the hopes that by combining our positive thoughts, actions, and energy towards the same goals that we will see peace and global healing within the lifetime of our children if not our own. Our team is brought together by the same force that drives our mission statement, "To heal our Islands by awakening Her people first", positive energy being drawn to positive energy.

Who are we? We are a group of people from different parts of the world, backgrounds, and cultures all wanting to make a difference and serve mankind. Our intentions are clear and as they stem from deep loving intentions, we have, in a very short period of time, seen the roads in front of us cleared and prepared for what you now have in front of you.

As you read thru our proposal you will find that our primary focus is on bringing positive awareness and actions to light, thru the practical application in our daily life. It is our hope that having access to a functioning self-sufficient living community of positive energy in action will inspire others to take that energy in and pass it to those around them.

Coming together as a community is essential in order to bring about positive change to our world and as you read these words, there are many people and organizations working towards that goal. It is the purpose of Ho'o Mana Mana to bring back the ancient wisdom of the native Hawaiians and similar teachings from all walks of life, infuse this with modern eco-friendly technology & apply these to our living community model..

Taking on a project of this magnitude requires faith in our fellow man and action on the behalf of those answering their call to heal the world. How do you know if this is your call? Simply ask yourself this, "Do I want to help people, animals, and/or the environment?" "Do I want to make a difference for our children?" "Am I ready to take actions that will give me hope and inspire peace in my life?" The world is ready to be healed. Will you answer your call and join us today?

Definition of the Market

The price of our lifestyles has caught up with us. Escalating consumption of fossil fuels has led to the environmental havoc created by global warming. Recent ecological disasters, combined with a steep rise in fuel prices, have caught the world's attention and are forcing us, maybe for the first time, to seriously question how we became so absolutely dependent on oil and relying on government to come up with the earth friendly solutions.

Many organizations offer services of support to help address these issues but we believe most fall short when dependence of those immediately effected by a crisis fall into dependence on support organizations while trying to manage daily living. Parents see less of their children while doing the forty-hour grind to make ends meet. Children are left to babysitting devices like the mainstream media.

Causing further isolation from each other and our planet.

Ho'o Mana Mana Visionaries see the root of these problems are generated by a lifestyle that our earth cannot support.

So how does a team of progressive thinkers/Artisans from all walks of life get us to change our lifestyles and the way we perceive our environment?

Thru Ho'o Mana Mana progressive, self-sufficient, model communities. The living example. Functioning within the principals of responsibility, harmony & discernment or if you will, a merging of ancient & modern wisdoms put into practical application.

Ho'o Mana Mana will attract those in the world community who seek a culturally rich & inspiring environment to interact within whether it be holistic or spiritual healing, learning to bring environmentally sound lifestyle into their own homes & community, or participating in multi-media projects focused on promoting Ho'o Mana Mana's vision of Oneness

Ho'o Mana Mana's Visionary team of Poets, Kahuna's, filmmakers, performance artist, healers, visual artist, spiritual guides, and intellectuals provide a diverse & healthy expression of self/community empowerment.
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Default Re: north shore self-sufficient model community

Friends visit my thread: Radiant zones and community building...Where are we up to ?


loving kindness
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