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Default Re: Southern California Sacred Site

Originally Posted by whitecrow View Post
Continue down towards Escondido...just past Hidden Meadows Road start looking up at the ridge on your right. You can't miss Mesa Rock. There are actually up to 20 standing stones stretched out along that ridge, but Mesa Rock is the size of a 5 or 6 story building, sticking up like a thumb.
Hey whitecrow, I used to live in Bonsall when it was just a wide spot in the road in the 70s. Heading on the I15 to Escondido was a huge rock up on the right. We always remarked that it looked like a lizard head. In the opposite direction from Escondido to Bonsall, it looks more like a beaver head to me anyway. I have no idea of the road names any more, but could this be the rock?

I have family down there so still see it occasionally. I'd be happy to go down there and explore or meet up with some folks.
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