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Default Re: Southern California Sacred Site

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
Hi Whitecrow,

I looked on Google, but I'm still not sure of the location.

Do you know one of the Essene power centers are located in that area?
Hi Rocky, I know of the Peace Park Center, but I've never been there. It's in Valley Center which is the eastern edge of the vortex, if that's what it is. There are several retreats and religious centers in the area, and I am sure it's not a coincidence.

As for GoogleEarth, make your location 30 11' 20.04" N and 117 2' 57" W, altitude about 3km. You are looking down at an ancient grove of trees in the middle of a prehistoric lake bed running north and south, about a mile long, nestled among very rugged and rocky hills. This is part of the Daley Ranch property, and the trails you see are hiking and riding trails. The long looping lines of trees trace faults in the earth, where deep water can reach the surface and the tree roots can take hold. There are other fault lines not as visible from this altitude, that completely encircle the grove in the center of your screen.

Turn your compass so that you are looking west, and tilt the landscape so that the Pacific Ocean appears at the top of your screen. In real life this is about 25 miles away, and on a clear day it really does look that close. You can now see the range of hills that extends toward the coast, which are marked here and there by huge stone monoliths that have been there for many thousands of years.

Zoom in until your altitude is about 1km. Fly west until you see a freeway beneath you. That's the 15. The ridge on the west side is the location of Mesa Rock and its associated complex. Because building-sized features appear flat in GoogleEarth you won't actually see the standting stones, just where they are located. You can see that development is fast surrounding this site. If action is not taken to preserve it, most of it will be lost forever without people realizing it could be as significant as Stonehenge.

Now that you've located Mesa Rock, turn your compass again until you are looking east. Flying in this direction you will come upon an equally rugged rampart of rocks which towers over the city, and is where you started. I don't know the full dimensions of this sacred site, but it's plain to me that people have considered this area special since ancient times so it's no surprise to me that there are so many spiritual centers here.

This would be a great site for a gathering. It doesn't have the tourist clutter that Sedona has but hey, it is after all southern California, and it is truly a mysterious land about which very little is actually known.

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