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Default Howdy Neighbor!

Originally Posted by LoveLight View Post
I live in San Marcos...know exactly where you are speaking of...near Lawrence Welk Village and RimRock...I believe! and the "haunted place" in South Escondido ... could that be "Questhaven"? on this side of the Del Dios?

Howdy, Neighbor! It seems there are several of us here in southern CA and I'm hoping we can all meet up one day. You and I are just a couple miles apart. I live in Escondido & work in Vista, so I drive past you every day.

Yes, I was talking about Questhaven. I would love to look into that place someday. San Diego County is so full of mysteries! It's filled with haunted places and houses...ancient stone markers and monuments...incredible that most folks just never see it.

Next time you look up at Mesa Rock, notice that it's actually a group of at least six stones clustered together. Mesa Rock itself is the biggest by far. I don't know how tall it is - never been up there - but it's the size of a multistory building. If you explore the area around Mesa Rock, there are standing stones on hilltops, beside water towers, in people's yards. This means something. And directly across the freeway at Daley Ranch there are all kinds of traces of ancient habitation, guessed it, more standing stones. I've even found one rock that appears to have runes carved into it.

I haven't explored the website you linked, but I bookmarked it...looks very interesting. I like the sound of your work. So many cool people here!

We should meet up some time. I can be found most afternoons at Frazier Farms in Vista, right off the freeway. I'm in the vitamin department. Can't miss me; just look for the King of the Leprechauns.

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