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Default Re: Southern California Sacred Site

Namaste Neighbors~

I live in San Marcos... a native Californian, returned back from AZ to California in 1987...

I have been reading this thread and know exactly where you are speaking of...near Lawrence Welk Village and RimRock...I believe! and the "haunted place" in South Escondido ... could that be "Questhaven"? on this side of the Del Dios?

I was very curious to read about all the Spiritual Communities in the Valley Center area...I have been organizing a new Energy Mission ... currently looking for a place here in North County...and also drawn to the Big Bear area...for quite sometime...

I do know that one of the directions of the Medicine Wheel that was created in Big Bear in 2004 by Blue Thunder (Bennie LeBeau) of the Shoshoni Tribe from bring abundance of water to the of the locations of the Medicine Wheel is Palomar Mountain...which the area did receive a huge abundance of rain and snow that year!

I just signed on this very evening...and am excited to share my love and light here...I am a teacher, creation artist and heart healer...and always a student of spirit...

I met Bill when he and Kerry appeared on a favorite website ... it was mentioned that this would be starting up soon...and low and we are! Blessings be to Bill and Kerry for the outstanding and true life altering work that they do...

I look forward to sharing and meeting you...and please feel free to check out ~ we are family!

I share Love from My Heart and the Song in My Soul!
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