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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by Eli in MI View Post

By lurking around a bit, I feel like I'm one of the few here who support Barack Obama's leadership. Here is a man who is risking his life daily, who already has more respect around the world than Bush ever did, and yet almost no one here can believe in him? I think he has a real opportunity to help repair this world. He is selfless enough and prudent enough to convince the hearts and minds of the people of this world to work together to help ourselves.


You are pretty naive.

Obama is a NWO puppet.

He is an intelligence agent working under Brzezinski.

He is British and probably MI6.

He is also a crackhead and has The Ghey.

Do your homework.

"It doesn't matter who you vote for, you always vote for us" -- Stalin

TPTB probably think it is hilarious putting a black guy in charge of the slave colony.

The American Express was a slaveship. Now it has a black CEO.
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