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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

My recent experience w/ Major Ed Dames..
(After I heard him on Coast2Coast recently)..

With my own experiences Ive come to a certain point..
A "dead end" in understanding of the purpose lets call it..
Although Ive had almost daily close visual contact since Sept 08
some of which extends beyond just visual.. but none face to face..
Theyre not landing and getting out for a chat...

In my efforts to gain a better understanding.. I had been thinking
that I could use some "new skill sets" to advance my contacts..
My thinking was.. Theyre not talkin.. and I have questions..
So I bought some books on remote viewing, hypnosis, and astral
projection.. Ide go to them.. Seek them out on my terms..

Then.. while listening to the recent C2C show w/ the Major..
He mentioned that some of his current efforts w/ RV are
focused on ET contact..
Due to my ongoing experiences w/ ET contact here in TX..
This got my Attention..

I emailed the major.. got no reply.. (see below)

RV & ET contact potential‏
From: Gary Jue (
Sent: Fri 4/10/09 6:39 PM

Mr Dames...
Ive had some extraordinary experiences that started in Sept 08..
Its ongoing to this day... Latley ive been thinking of ways to gain
A better understanding of what ive been dealing with and why...
Ive thought that Remote veiwing.. Maybe even Astral projection would
give me A better understanding or ability to advance the contacts..

Ive had almost 500 visual contacts Since Sept...
Some as close as 50 ft.. Ive got over 200 gigs of video...

I understand that some of your work is involving ET contact w/ RV..
Im asking for your opinion.. Or atleast, If I decide to make an attempt
to use RV as a method to gain better knowledge of what I see.. That
you point me in the direction that would make best use of my time and efforts..

would there be benefit to have access to someone who has regular ET contact
In your efforts using RV to make ET contact..? If So.. I would like to assist your efforts..
Maybe target my experiences as a test.. see what you come up w/..

There is some esoteric aspects to my experiences that I dont think you would be interested in..
I have reason to suspect that there is more to my own experience than Im consciously aware..
and have some qustions of my own for them.. like.. "Why are you seemingly so interested in me..?"

So my thinking is that.. I need new skill sets.. if they wont come and explain.. Ill go to them and ask..
I need assistance or atleast your opinion.. on how to achieve this goal..

contact info:
Cell: xxxxxxxxxx

A few video samples:

More of my video:

After recieving no response from the email above I went to his
website.. bought one of his videos (still hasnt arrived yet)..
and registered on one of the forums that the advanced
student remote viewers & Major Dames discuss issues w/ remote
viewing & ET contact and posted my YouTube channel.. very soon
after, one of the users replied " ET contact would be great"..soon
after that Ed Dames himself posted a short reply "I agree"..

Excited about the Major being aware of my post.. My next post
stated that I was glad to have the Majors attention..
And assuming that they (The major and his students) could do
as they claimed.. and so to erase any doubt about the truth of my
story in their minds.. I asked them to "target" my most amazing
ET contact experience..

I gave them.. Day.. Time of Day.. Coordinates & ~Altitude..
Thinking this would surely erase any doubt about me and my story..
Once again.. assuming they can "remote view" as they say they can..
I asked them to tell me what they could see.. I also added..what was
my purpose..? (there).. and was I successful in that purpose..?

And I gave them a hint... I wrote..
"Come on me what you got..!!
Hint:..I gotta Big One huh..? I live in Katy"..

Soon after that there was another reply from A so called advanced student..
that appearantly took the hint as some kinda sexual thing.. he wrote..
"what..?!! Whats that supposed to mean..? before you wrote that..
I was starting to take you seriously..!!"

I replied..
"Next..!! Lock on the target..!! And You will take me seriously..!!

About 10 minutes later the whole thread was erased from the forum..
So F*ckEm... I dont need RV to make contact.. Major Dames does..
And if I decide to try and learn it for my own purposes...
there are other sources.. who's on who's side..?

Let me tell you of the "Target".. the "SpyMaster" of Army Intelligence did not see..

As I have mentioned.. My experience started back in Sept 2008..
Back then.. I posted my experiences here on ProjectAvalon from Oct 2008 - Dec 2008..
At that time in Dec.. I had no video proof of what I wrote about..Things have changed..

The day after X-mas Dec 26 08.. I finaly broke down and bought a good video camera..
As I took it out of the box and held it in my hand for the first time that night.. I knew..

I looked up at my wife and told her.. " pack some stuff..we're going to Stephenville tomorrow"..
"We're gonna shoot some video of one of them giant UFO's they see there".. she said.. "OK"...
The next day we headed for Stephenville Tx (285 miles north of Katy).. on Dec 27 2008
we arrived there at 7:30 pm.. At about 9:42 pm.. we were absolutley amazed at what we
saw hovering ~1200 ft in the sky above as we traveled east on E.Washington As we
approached the downtown courthouse.. At first site I thought it was a giant carnival ride
that wasnt there a few hours before..It was pointed north as we approached its left side..
Then it moved roboticaly.. Its nose rotated down ~10 deg.. pivoting about an horizontal axis
about the tail.. then about 3 seconds later.. it rotated its nose 90 deg away from us towards
the east.. pivoting about a vertical axis at the tail and sat there for about 10 seconds as
we drove under the tail end.. It then moved forward and descended to about 300 ft of the
ground and headed towards the east.. At this point my wife gets the camera out and turns it
on as view of it was blocked by passing buildings momentarily as we drove east down the road..
After passing the buildings.. we ragained site of it again.. it was paralleling us on our left
about 2 blocks over as we headed east.. We stayed with it for less than a minute before it
gradually sped up and move ahead of us off into the distance headed towards FortWorth..

The objects size was amazing.. The biggest ship I ever saw in the sky..
I triangulated its length on google earth based on where we were relative to its position..
Its seems this thing was in excess of 650-700 ft lg.. Which explains the hint to the Major and
his students.. (" I have a big One dont I..?") that they didnt understand.. (low powered proccessors)..

The video.. (realy kinda sucks)..
I almost cant bear to watch it.. I get frustrated w/ my wife every time I do..
But one has to understand.. that we just bought the camera the day before
and didnt have any knowledge of how to use it.. and it shows in the video...
The original video shows much more on my computer at home.. Once uploaded
on YouTube it seems to loose clarity and much detail... when looking at the original
you can see interesting things in the sky at about 19 seconds into the video..
But on YouTube you realy cant see anything until 30 thru 37 seconds...
So.. If you watch it.. play 30 -37 seconds over and over again..
It shows the object paralleling us to our left..

Something strange about this sighting..
1.. you could not see the body of the ship..and I was almost right under it...
2.. As mentioned.. I remember being almost right under it... looking up at its
engines in the tail end.. But the memory of this does not fit in with the
memory of when i was approching it from its left.. As it rotated its nose
down 10 deg then rotated its nose away 90 deg and moving forward as it
descends to treetop level behind buildings... all happening in front of me..
when I remeber being underneath it.. it was still pointed north.. as it was
when we first saw it in the sky ahead of us.. weird.. I cannot explain this..

I never mentioned the video to the Major.. although I had posted my YouTube
channel on the forum.. he would have had to notice that one of my videos
matched the date of the target I gave him... I dont think he took the time..
My hope was that he could see the target (this sighting) in its entireity..
not just what we caught on video.. therefore removing any doubt about me..
But to do that.. he would have to be able to "remote view" the target..

The hint..
Ive already explained the misunderstood "I gotta Big One dont I...?" part..
But What did I mean by the "I live in Katy" part..? What I was doing there
was pointing out how far I had come to be there.. 285 miles.. To bring
about the question that I had also mentioned.. "What was my Purpose..?
And was I successfull..?

Who would think..? after having just pulled thier new video camera out of
the box for the first time.. that they could just decide that they could get
into the car and drive 285 miles for the "Purpose" of shooting a video of A
giant UFO in the sky..? And "Success"fully do so...? I did.. cant you..?


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