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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

Thanks for your comments Tango..
Thank you Orion11.. again..

With me youre getting first hand info of an ongoing experience..
I did not read this in books, or see it on the interenet, TV or in movies..
And lets just say my experience deals more than just the machinery..
Why would secret government machinery be waiting for me outside
on An almost daily basis..? Maybe I made a mistake on my taxes..

For the sake of discussion..
One might ask.. If they are what I say they are.. Why would
"They" be waiting for me outside on An almost daily basis..?

My thoughts With the notion (w/ reason) that they are ET in origin...
1. They wanted my attention & seem to be interested in me..why..?
2. If they are here.. then they can manipulate time & space.. (physics)
(I dont beleive traveling these distances "thru" space is practical means)

Making an attempt to think logicaly given this thinking..

why would anyone travel so far and take any interest in me at all..?
With theyre ability to travel time.. Is there some something they know
of my future that explains such an interest..? Or maybe.. Theyre just
compelling me to evolve into A more spiritual existance..?

Or maybe its a warning.. to get ready..


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