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Default Southern California Sacred Site

I'm inspired by the post on a sacred site in Australia to share this experience. I live about thirty miles north of San Diego, California. I grew up here, moved away for 25 years, and returned in 2000. I have spent a good part of my life hiking around these hills. Now that I am pushing 60, I still get out and hike as often as possible. I am VERY in tune with earth energies, and have discovered numerous ancient sites (which I have left intact and for the most part unrecorded).

Since moving to the northern part of San Diego I've been staring up at a huge monolith everyone calls Mesa Rock. I would never believe it is a natural feature except it's so huge, it can be seen for ten miles. Gradually I have discovered that this is part of a complex of standing stones that extends for miles. I've photographed and plotted some of these monuments. I have not discovered any evidence that anyone has ever seen these before - and yet it seems impossible to me that I should be the first.

Using GoogleEarth, I've discovered several important sites, alignments and possible hillside fortresses. I have found ancient terracing and at least three ancient dams, all of which still work. I have found an ancient wall, and while downloading the photos I took at that site I found three consecutive frames in which a round ball of white mist rises out of the bushes and drifts upward and out of the frame. I've also discovered an area that's literally ringed with earth fault lines which can be clearly seen from the air. All of this is part of this enormous complex. Although many of the stones may be natural formations, others were clearly maneuvered into specific locations and set up as landmarks.

Although I can find no evidence that anyone has taken notice of this huge ancient sacred site, every person who has gone out hiking with me and seen what I've pointed out has had an epiphany. Once you look at it, you know I am not mistaken...but it takes a lot of hiking and looking to see it.

Since I'm the only one who knows where this is, I am not anxious to share with academia. But if anyone in the area is into exploring a brand-new sacred site - as large as any in North America - let me know. And if I can figure out how, I'll post a few of the photos I've taken of these enormous standing stones.

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