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Default Re: Southern California Sacred Site

Originally Posted by whitecrow View Post


Southern California is energy-dense. The many seismic features have a piezo effect, I believe, and there's evidence that people were aware of this in ancient times. With all the weirdness that comes out of the area from time to time, I'm surprised there hasn't been any study in this area.

Thank you, WhiteCrow,

"You Said It !" ---- I sure agree-- Oh, man, did i have something 'beyond weird' happen to me in July of 1980.

Being 'this' is the 'Southern California Site' --- I AM going to START my 'story' HERE ! ---- (i'VE been wanting to write 'about this' for years !)

Be patient... with me.....

{I'm often 'distracted' to the max..... (Right now I'm dying my hair... shhhh)} ---- *(Must be that i was born only 4o min. or so from 'Holllywood' ---- I've never been able to shake off that 'vain energy'...... )

Anyway..... I will ALSO post soon that 'article' i found on L.A. 's ("underground Alien Influence"....)

peace *

; )
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