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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

Wilhelm Reich believed, that "funny stars" (UFO) spread "DOR" (deadly orgone)
(the chinese would probably call it say "bad" chi.)

anybody wanting to make a cloudbuster should first carefully study wilhelm reichs works on orgone if possible. or gather enough information otherwise to be able to safely and responsibly handle the device.
if you`re one of the "naturals" who can see "chi" and even may have so much control over chi, that you wouldn`t even need the cloudbuster to bust or bring forth would be even all the better.

chinese kung fu movies sometimes show ridiculous scenes of the use of CHI energy...but for a "master" these things aren`t even so "far out" even the instantaneous wound healing as shown in the movie E.T. is within their abilities....`s just a thought...but....try to imagine...
....if only wilhelm reich could have kept on researching..who knows what other things could already have been built into the "swiss army knife" by now.

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