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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

i bet that if Wilhelm Reich was still alive he would have busted these "funny stars" in Katy with his invention called the cloudbuster. (i have my own "little"(low cost single 2inch barrel) cloudbuster in the garden and know it works. it can make plants grow faster, "form clouds" , decimate clouds and give me a bloody headache if I`m not careful....but I`ve never pointed it at a "funny star" so far.)
(the cloudbuster is to be seen as orgone (life energy) "antenna"..rather than being a orgone gun)
(it is good to know, that Wilhelm Reich`s ORGONE has very much in common with the Chinese CHI. :-)

(about orgone)

being a parent, this is really good to know..(orgone again)

IN MEMORIAM Wilhelm Reich

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