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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

Update: 10-28-08

Sightings continue..
theyre acting different..low level around my house..
lower faster closer...harder to see sometimes..
Lites Off flybyes.. (but still visable as descibed before)
Amazingly fast display speed/acceleration (hi altitude)..
Higher groups but very hard to see..
they seem to notice maglite i flash at them..

I have a 70 lb English bulldog named Brutus.... He suddenly
woke up screaming (Yelping) in the middle of the night last week..
He has never done that... Scared the **** out of us..

my house alarm is acting funny.. house came prewired...
I have never touched it..but it started beeping last week.. set to "ready"..
i turn it off... then 2-3 nights a week.. it sets itself to "ready"
in the middle of the night....and starts beeping again..
I have lived here for over 2 yrs..
it has never made a sound until now...

I Sh*t You Not..
KoomBaYa My Ass..!!!

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