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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

One last bit of info..
I was just discussing this w/ my wife..
Trying to understand the significance of the fact that..
5-6 Monthes ago..long before I saw anything in the skies..
I had told her more than once... That the UFO's were coming..
I often told her.. I could feel it.. somethings about to happen..
To describe it.. I can only say I knew.. It was an obsessive feeling..
I would tell her.. Something big.. and everyone will know the truth..
Quit honestly I was thinking Ide see it on CNN.. not at my house...
Anyways.. maybe it hasnt all played out yet..

I ask myself.. Why me.. ? what am I to them..? Why waste time w/ me..
Wondering what benefit could I be to them.. But I am gratefull..
As I mentioned before... I feel the low level flyby over my house..
was an acknowledgement.. It was communication.. It was like they
were saying.. "We see you too".. And they wanted me to know it..
A gift to me..

for what its worth..

I S**t You Not..!!
KoomBaYa My Ass..

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