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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

[QUOTE=R34TT;61618]Ive had enough of all this...
You can believe or not.. I could give a ****..
none of my buisness.. I got my ufo's.. now go find ur own..
And if it all stopped tomorrow.. Ide be good w/ it..
I got **** to
This is all becoming Obsessive.. I have new baby girl..

I didnt ask for any of this... I didnt have to see to know..
All this just confirms what I already knew..

where are Bill And Kerry..?
Maybe the galactic feds of lite took em..
Off Cruisin w/ Ashtar dude....

Its been nice..Im done here...

It`s been nice indeed..

so true. whatever keeps us stuck to the internet is just making all of us just a lot more predictable and controllable. it takes away the time we have left to enjoy nature`s wonders and minimizes our "family" time and the time to truly and deeply contemplate and get in touch with the truth we hold "within".

go take more time for your family. you have done your "duty" by letting "us" "know" what you know and many have confirmed your sightings..
it is useless to try to convince anybody who doesn`t agree with you, that our planet is more "round" than "flat".

"the truth is out there. but we have to find it within"

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