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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

Ive had enough of all this...
You can believe or not.. I could give a ****..
none of my buisness.. I got my ufo's.. now go find ur own..
And if it all stopped tomorrow.. Ide be good w/ it..
I got **** to
This is all becoming Obsessive.. I have new baby girl..

I didnt ask for any of this... I didnt have to see to know..
All this just confirms what I already knew..

where are Bill And Kerry..?
Maybe the galactic feds of lite took em..
Off Cruisin w/ Ashtar dude....

Its been nice..Im done here...
Dont call me...Ill call you..maybe

To each his own..

KoomBaYa My Ass..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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