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Default Re: Theyre here.. In Katy Tx...

I have noticed a star like object in the SE sky, roughly 10-15 degrees above the horizon. This object puts off a full spectrum of color and when looked at through a cheap reflecting telescope takes on a flare like shape.

I'm not saying this is an alien object or a heavenly body, but none the less it is an awsome thing to look at. It would be great if there is some one here that has some more advanced equipment that could take the time to investigate this object.

It's in the location I suggested at roughly 3 or 4 am central time, my location is Des Moines, Iowa.

I do know it's got me saving $ to highly upgrade to a deep space telescope like the one seen in John Lears office.

If theres one positive thing about all these sightings, it's got more and more people looking to the heavens.
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