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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by bluestix View Post

You are pretty naive.

Obama is a NWO puppet.

He is an intelligence agent working under Brzezinski.

He is British and probably MI6.

He is also a crackhead and has The Ghey.

Do your homework.

Gosh. Aren't all black people crackheads? Isn't *every* leader an NWO puppet?

Clearly you're more intrigued by your own opinions than by educating yourself. Do your own homework instead of spouting your opinion as fact, and attempting to insult another as naive when you're merely parroting NWO talking points.

The NWO wants you scared, can't you see that? You're simply repeating the lies they invent to divide and frighten us. It won't work.

How can you be certain he isn't Muslim? Or a black supremacist? Obama is not British, nor is he a spy, but these are clever new lies I hadn't heard before. Read a little tiny bit of Obama's history before you call other people naive. It's well-documented.

Don't worry, if and when Obama wins, people like you will be able to blame him for everything, if that is what you want. Your post makes it abundantly clear you'd rather be snarky and sarcastic than challenge yourself to learn anything new.

Bush has been a horrible role model for this country. It seems no one can ever admit that their ideas might possibly be wrong.
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