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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by munkey View Post
I would call that speculation rather than fact.
ET's may self govern and live on a higher plane that does not rely on any one governing them, much like an ant colony obides by no rules and exists in harmony


Both are puppets and each in there own way will screw you.
Your last statement is pure speculation as well. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you seem to think your ideas are NOT pure speculation. The whole original post is clearly speculation, I never meant for it to be anything but my views of the possibilities.

By the way, China is not a communist country. They are capitalist just like we are, and just as the rest of the developed world. The representative democracy I speculated about eliminates the 2-party, 1-winner system.

What would you suggest? We cannot transform our planet overnight. This is not about resources and governments, but about earthlings' attitudes and belief systems. We cannot self-govern now, that much is clear.

No matter who gets elected president, we will still have a ton of problems and a large government. You seem to prefer to look upon it negatively, whereas I insist on seeing the positive possibilities of an Obama presidency.

I will also still insist that he represents the best chance for eventual disclosure. John McCain does not.

To reunite: I really don't care if Obama is Bush 12th cousin. I'm related to English royalty too. Who cares? Perhaps Obama will be another bad president, but I have decided to set aside my paranoia and listened to him speak instead of just assuming he is a bad man just because he has a chance to win.

To MAP: Trust me, I've done my homework. I know the candidates, and I've chosen the one I like the best, based on his ideas for America. I'm quite familiar with his voting record, and that is one reason why I'm excited. We need change.
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