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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by MAP View Post
obama will NOT get my vote thats for sure
did you know there are other candidates??

for real check em out.. do your home work

oh and do your homework on your mr obama see his voting record then you might change your mind...
and if doesn't then you just really don't understand.. hes the same as mcbush just a different color man..
You totally missed the point of the last post.

Regardless, you can write in Elmer Fudd or Elvis or even Howard Stern. It will not change a thing.

Until we reform our election system to where 3rd parties have a better role, a vote for a third party candidate, while a good way to stand up for your beliefs, does not really matter if that candidate has no room to capture more than 5% of the vote. H.Ross Perot managed to capture a decent amount of votes as a third party candidate. We haven't seen anyone like that since.

We will never in our lifetimes, meet a politician that 100% agrees with us and even if we do, that candidate may not appeal to the majority of Americans. While I prefer a candidate with more left-leaning principles, we often have to settle for politicians that cater to the moderate voters.

I also find it amazing that people fear Obama more than UFOs or the NWO/Illuminati. A bit silly, eh?
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