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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by munkey View Post
Allow me to play Devils advocate here.

What proof is there that ET's have any form of goverment?
the GFOL who forgot to show? the greys who are apparently slaves of the whites?
let us look at what could happen with a one world goverment.
the goverment believes the population is too big, so now we have to limit the number of children we have, not only limit the number of children, but we will only allow people to have children who don't have certain hereditary diseases so as not to be a burden and help keep a healthy human population free of disease.

a one world goverment is a dictatorship where the people are not free eventhough they believe in the illusion of freedom.
how do we vote for his one world goverment, because as long as one man rules over another he will always have the feeling of superiority.
Honestly, you would end up with a slave master scenario no matter how hard you try.

rid the world of all goverments and let people help each other as humans with compassion and not feel as though we need to be ruled by anyone.
As far as ET civilizations having a "government", I'd say the proof is in the pudding. They are still alive, and can utilize technology far in advance of anything we have on Earth. They must be governing themselves fairly well in order to use such powerful tools without destroying each other, which is an understanding we as earthlings must grasp in order to evolve beyond our current situation.

There are lots of variables changing all the time. Indeed, they are changing faster all the time.

My contention is that a one world government need not be a dictatorship at all. It could be a representative democracy (meaning Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich-types get their representative % of seats in Congress) with internationalized social programs so that earthlings' quality of life can steadily improve.

The population expansion has to slow and stop, there is no skirting that issue. If we do not stop multiplying and consuming, we will continue to create a cancer on this planet. There are not enough resources to continue the path we are currently on without widespread calamity, death, crime, and disease.

I think a big part of the coming shift will be growing awareness of the illusion of death. Death is not real. We are spiritual beings living our dreams in a physical world, and this physical body can stop functioning, but we do not die.

Knowing and experiencing this, we will understand the importance of making our physical lives here as excellent as possible. We will teach our children the truth about the magic within themselves, and we will not mourn our planets' population limits, or our personal sacrifices for the well-being of Mother Earth. Indeed, our own quality of life could improve greatly if there were fewer of physical humans. It may instead be "selfish" to limit our population.

Think of it this way: With the right "one world government" and the right global conscious attitude, we could decrease our population (humanely) over the next 100 years to half its current level, and everything needed to sustain life (food, water, shelter, etc) could be free!

The last 100 years the earth's population has increased 7-fold. This is not such a huge leap to reduce it by half over the next 100. Our families have already gotten smaller, because to have a huge family these days is unsustainable.

To have these ideas come to fruition, we will have reached the understanding that unbridled growth and economic expansion forever does not serve us, and it does not make our lives better.

I urge you to try to look upon our elected leaders not as rulers, but as representatives. This has clearly been done poorly lately, but nonetheless it is their job to represent us, not push their own objectives or line the pockets of their friends.

I can imagine Obama as a good representative for the people in my city, state, country, or planet, that's all I mean. It is clear from polling worldwide that he is the favorite of "foreign" peoples. I wish more folks here on Avalon agreed, and were excited by the possibilities he brings. Not just for middle-class families here in the US, but by restoring respect for America around the world.

And he is our best chance for disclosure. The rest of the planet has been waiting for us to lead on this, and Obama offers the prudence and judgment to respectfully and delicately release the biggest news in human history. We know there are factions of the PTB that want to help heal this planet. Perhaps Obama is their guy. McCain certainly is not.
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