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Default Re: The NWO, ETs, the economy, and Obama

Originally Posted by Eli in MI View Post
I'm not scared of a One World Government. How do you think the ETs made it this far? By fighting amongst themselves? No. They cooperated with each other to establish their planets' social structures and ideals.
Allow me to play Devils advocate here.

What proof is there that ET's have any form of goverment?
the GFOL who forgot to show? the greys who are apparently slaves of the whites?
let us look at what could happen with a one world goverment.
the goverment believes the population is too big, so now we have to limit the number of children we have, not only limit the number of children, but we will only allow people to have children who don't have certain hereditary diseases so as not to be a burden and help keep a healthy human population free of disease.

a one world goverment is a dictatorship where the people are not free eventhough they believe in the illusion of freedom.
how do we vote for his one world goverment, because as long as one man rules over another he will always have the feeling of superiority.
Honestly, you would end up with a slave master scenario no matter how hard you try.

rid the world of all goverments and let people help each other as humans with compassion and not feel as though we need to be ruled by anyone.
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