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I`d like to give it a try and follow your invite to share "what`s up".
anything is ok as long as we respect each other`s oppinions right?
(all others can go to "flamewars")

this is something i feel could be important, since it`s something I wasn`t looking for, but someone wanted me to look into it - my son. (who is usually more into playing his Nintendo DS)

it was just lately in a bookshop, where little guy (5years old &cannot read) picked a book out of a shelf, which he insisted, i should read, (the author died 1958 in solitude: Paul Otto Hesse. book title: "der jüngste tag"((judgement day))) ..of all books, little guy had to pick one of the least colorful and so plain blank and unspectacular looking books) in addition to that, he badly wanted a postcard (almost stole it) wasn`t horses or, it had to be phoenix rising from the ashes...

when i was younger i liked the idea of phoenix rising from the ashes.....but as i am reading this amazing book ..(it`s like reading the book of books)....the phoenix begins to have more meaning to me...this book isn`t just all about judgement day; it goes beyond ..

please remember, that i did not pick this book, but it just happens to be the best non-fiction book I`ve ever read.

now, this is what it says:

pretty soon our solar system will enter a dense cosmic belt of (sub-)? atomic particles with such density that reality will not be the same anymore...we will all suddenly be able to see the energy fields of all living beings and astral bodies as well, this will happen because the density of this subatomic particle field , through which our solar system will pass through..will change the light spectrum as we know it..( our solar system passes through this kind of field every 12000 years)(happening 2x in the solar system`s galactic cycle of 24000 years),

now as we all will see the aura of every living thing and every human one will be able to hide sinister, malevolent or greedy thoughts..all fake sweet talk and diplomacy will be for nothing ...and those who have a love for the holy spirit; or in other words are of a higher vibration will start to separate from those who don`t have the right "love attitude" / Aura.... this means that all those who intend to steal and destroy will show it in their body energy field and ..being forewarned means being forearmed...the "lost souls" won`t have a chance.. they will be either defeated, or simply ignored and left behind ...animal and man will turn vegan, probably because a-all-too-revealing-body-energy-field, will make hunting difficult.

.everything will be different...the cosmic particle belt will have the effect, that we won`t be able to see the sun any more...but the sun will keep earth reasonably warm for the survival of life on earth....the equatoral areas will be the place to be, where balmy temperatures like in southern europe will be the norm...everything north or south of the 40degrees latitude will fall quickly back to ice age (similar to "the day after tomorrow" ((my thoughts here)))

the whole world will be bathed in never ending luminescence for the following 2000 years...the only perceivable difference between day and night can only be felt through the temperature differences....there will always be light, but we won`t be able to see the sun, the moon or the stars
it will be like summer in the arctic - daylight around the clock...without the glowing ball..the sun`s radiation on earth will be weakened because of the particle belt...this is why only the equatorial regions will stay warm enough for survival.....

..people and animals will all turn vegan....and those who perished and didn`t have the strong "love-all-aura" (those who are not close to the "love" Jesus promoted...or Buddha, Mohammed, etc.), will only be able to reincarnate again after 2000 years, when the solar system has passed through the particle belt (manasic? energy enhancing/manifesting belt)...once our solar system is back into the normal space as we know it, world history as we have it, will begin again anew and civilization will have again 10000 years time to get back to where we are right now....(but will have to start from scratch..start using simple symbols again like the runes, etc..and learn to speak again as the voice wasn`t needed in the all revealing fog of wisdom*) considdering the mayan calendar and "Tut Ankh Amun`s" prophecies , the year 2012 could be the entry point into the dense particle belt, the first shock for all mankind will be, that the stars/planets entering the particle belt first, will suddenly look ablaze and seem to fall down on earth.but that won`t be the problem...depending on where earth will be in relation to the sun we might also first have to endure up to 4 days of total darkness..that`s also not so bad yet, except for the panic, chaos and mob violence that could come from it.....the real big problem will be coming from the (sub-)?atomic-particle-belt being so dense, that it will be changing the earth`s rotation axis (pole shift) and changing the "quality" of earth`s hot core...(earth will shudder) ..quakes, monster-tsunamis , volcanos bursting ..and the sorts will be giving us a hell of a time...
...many will perish..but this is where "the dead shall walk the earth" begins to make sense ("The rising of the Phoenix") those filled with the love of the holy spirit (strong aura) will not only rise out of their dead physical bodies, but will also be seen by all those still alive ; ....It will be these benevolent spirits who will lead the physical survivors and assist them in finding shelter, food, etc...they won`t be tethered by a physical body and therefore are able to fly hither and tither to do reconnaissance for proper guidance of the living...
the enlightened spirits will live side by side with the people of flesh and blood...this will have the side effect, that fear of physical death will be gone for the following 2000 years (of pure bliss?).....the shift will bring forth fruitful new equatorial landmasses which were previously under water and a lot of traces/landmarks of our civilisation will not only be turned to rubble but will also be covered by the ocean (kind of a global spring cleansing).....unfortunately, when our solar system will be leaving the particle belt, the whole earth will shift its rotation axis again and shudder back - probably into it`s "original wobble" ....the whole cataclysm scenario (cleansing) will make sure that traces of the previous civilisation (ours) as well as any signs of "2000 years in paradise" will have disappeared as mysteriously as "Atlantis"...

*ps: the sub?-atomic particle belt might be what the druids called "feth fiada" (fog of wisdom) (my own thought here)

Truth is to be found in ugliness as well as beauty, in feeling as well as thought, and in sadness as well as happiness. (Vienna Art Exhibition)

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