George Green, in his important Project Camelot interview Messages for the Ground Crew, refers to The Ground Crew as those who have a responsibility for the ongoing stewardship of the civilization on Planet Earth. He strongly suggests that members of the Ground Crew gather together, in communities, prepared to ride out possible future events for the next few years.

The timing for this, George says, is now.

Much has also been said by others about the need to group in communities. Dr Bill Deagle has spoken about this clearly in his important December 2006 Granada Forum Lecture, and there's a great deal of discussion and information on the websites of Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo.
In addition, Michael St. Clair also addressed this in the recent Project Camelot Futuretalk II video conversation.

Communities don't necessarily need to be avant garde groups such as Findhorn or Damanhur. A village is a community - and so may be a street in a town. All that's needed is a neighborhood in which there's a strong, stable, mutually supportive connection between the people living there. Inner cities are to be avoided and rural areas are preferable for obvious reasons. The issues are security, water, food, power, transport and general self-sufficiency in a worst-case scenario.

For people living in countries where political, economic or possible earth changes are causing them to consider relocating, they may need to establish groups elsewhere. For example, due to the threat of war or loss of civil liberties, many are moving, or considering moving, to Costa Rica, Panama or Ecuador. There are aware groups of expats in all three countries, and also in some other Latin American countries such as Nicaragua, Bolivia and Brazil (note: this is not an exclusive list). Some, depending on their situations, are moving to Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, or Australia/ New Zealand. The financial commentator Al Martin even suggests relocating to China.

This is not a recommendation for citizens of any given country to leave certain areas where the situation has become difficult. Our intention is to inform. We know many people who are determined to 'dig in', take precautions, and ride out whatever happens in the country they love.

On this page we will provide information about communities. Aware people are starting these ventures on farmland in isolated locations all over the world, and it's natural that those with similar concerns (and maybe complementary skills) will want to connect with one another. One of our roles is to assist in that process.




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